About Us


Best Pizza in England

Hazsbake is a unique bakery in London, situated at 83A Clarence Street in Kingston, Surrey. Our main aim is to bring customers the best food around. We are sure you will fall in love with our delicious pizzas, hot dogs & sweet pretzels.

Here at Hazsbake Bakery, we have delicious pizzas, hot dogs & sweet pretzels and we are constantly striving to improve the quality and service for the best customer experience.

 Holding on to our high standards we have trained and experienced bakers so you can retain an original German taste. We have a very strong work ethic, professionalism, and integrity to maintain. With 15+ years of professional baking, we have made a bridge between bakers and the ingredients to transform into something amazing that reaches straight to your heart.



HazsBake is a humble bakery, situated near the corner of Clarence Street. If you decided to enter, perhaps you would enjoy the musky smell of fresh bread or the idyllic atmosphere.